Day Services

Developing Potential Day By Day

HDC provides an array of day services designed to meet the needs and desires of each person. From daily RN services offered in Medical Day Care, to job coaching services in Supported Employment, we match your requirements and wishes with the most appropriate program to meet your individual needs.

  • Day Habilitation



    Our Day Habilitation programs are facility-based services with an emphasis on community interaction. This activity-oriented program is available in both Frederick and Washington counties for individuals that require assistance and training with activities of daily living, academic skills training, and pre-vocational skills training.

  • Medical-Day-Care2


    Day Care

    Our Medical Day Care services provide an alternative to individuals whose families might otherwise be considering nursing facilities. We provide an activity-based program that is medically supervised by registered nurses. This program is designed to provide optimal health conditions for medically fragile individuals while stimulating their minds with engaging activities.

  • Supported Employment



    Supported Employment provides an individual with the training necessary to obtain their career goals. Our Agency will provide short and long-term support to work with people who are self-employed, work in a community business as a paid employee, or who are in a work program designed through person centered planning to achieve gainful employment.


  • Transportation Services



    HDC provides transportation services to individuals in all of our day programs. While community transportation is always encouraged to increase personal independence, there are some individuals that benefit from transports offered directly by our Agency. This includes reliable and safe transports to and from the centers, homes, community activities, and job sites.

  • Community Learning Services

    Community Development

    Services Include

    • Travel training

    • Adult education classes

    • Attendance of community events

    • Touring local businesses

    • Volunteering

    • Identification of future employment interests

    • Performing paid or unpaid internships