Learning Services

HDC offers Community Learning Services (CLS) to interested individuals. These services are offered as an alternative to our Day Habilitation program, which is a facility-based program. By providing diverse community experiences, persons receiving CLS support will not only increase their community social and recreational opportunities but will ultimately improve their employability through community participation and integration.

  • Working toward your working goal



    Community Learning Services offers community experiences that include volunteer activities, using public transportation and community resources, enrolling in classes, workshops, seminars, participating in community recreational and social activities, peer counseling, discussion and activity planning groups, and health and wellness counseling.

    The Individual Plan (IP) for persons in CLS is developed using Person-Centered Planning and is highly individualized with the ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs and desires of the individual as they move toward the accomplishment of self-identified goals. It is a holistic approach to the attainment of an individual’s employment goals, boosting their confidence and honing their talents. To successfully acquire a job and begin a career, one must be healthy enough to work, know what type of transportation will be utilized, have the necessary social skills, positively interact in a work and/or the willingness to learn specific job skills. All of these aspects of employability are addressed in Community Learning Services.