Our History

Our Story Is Yours

The Human Development Council has a shared history with our individuals and families that go beyond a business arrangement. Many of the persons under our care started their community experience here at HDC so many years ago. They grew up with us, and they grew old with us, and inevitably, we have had to say a tearful goodbye to some. This shared history has drawn our Agency and the local community together. HDC has always been an agency that puts the care of our individuals first. We take the time to know the people and families we serve. We are the Human Development Council, and this is our story.

Our History

Serving The Community

Since 1978

HDC became a non-profit organization in March 1978, starting as a small day program housed at Potomac Center. It was born from the need to increase the number of provider agencies in Western Maryland to facilitate the community integration of persons with intellectual disabilities from institutions to the community and independent settings. In 1989, we expanded our day and residential services into Frederick County Maryland where we still operate today.

In 2016 HDC began offering new community-based programs such as Community Learning Services and Personal Supports. As our Agency continues to evolve, we shall always remain true to our core values of honoring the personal dignity and supporting self-determination, which has remained firmly in place from the beginning.