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The Human Development Council maintains two-day centers for day habilitation and medical day care. Individuals in Supported Employment also use these centers as part of their training and as a base of operations for community employment.

Our Agency maintains 13 homes (ALUs) in Washington County and four in Frederick County. Personal Supports is a community-based service that takes place in the individual’s home and throughout the community.

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    The Human Development Council (HDC) welcomes community volunteers. HDC is a wonderful place to interact with people in diverse stages of personal transformation. Interested persons may volunteer for Individual Support or General Support. Persons working in Individual Support are trained in the same course curriculum as our paid staff and must go through a full background check. They are assigned to a specific person or persons and work with those Individuals on daily living skills or at recreational functions. Persons interested in General Support provide assistance with grounds keeping, office work, and fundraising.

  • Career Opportunities



    HDC goes to great lengths to hire and train capable and empathetic staff members that possess the qualities of caring and who share the Agency’s core values. We are always looking for hard working, dedicated persons who truly enjoy working in this field and wish to make a positive difference in an individual’s life.

    Staffing at HDC is based on the Individual Plan of each person we serve. Regulatory requirements are considered the minimum allowable level of supervision and are only employed under ideal conditions.

  • Staff Training



    As an agency, we firmly believe that education is essential to the momentum of society no matter where you stand. The Human Development Council provides a full array of training to its employees so that they may meet the needs of the individuals they serve. As part of our person-centered planning, IP teams identify specialized training that would be needed to meet the individual needs of the person requiring services.