Personal Supports


This Program Service Plan specifically addresses Personal Supports to be offered by the Washington County Human Development Council. The Agency’s focus will be to maintain the individual in the community within a residential living model that they desire, such as living at a family home, at their own home, or an apartment or house with no more than two roommates. WCHDC recognizes the value of providing community-based support services and social integration to Maryland residents with Intellectual Disabilities. The Agency works closely with all involved in an effort to help individuals and, therefore, their families set and achieve goals pertaining to their needs, skills, and talents.


  • Define your own independence

    Define Your Own


    Our Agency will provide hands-on assistance, supervision, and training to assist individuals in the community with Intellectual Disabilities. Our Personal Supports program will include Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assistance that includes bathing, toileting, mobility, positioning and transferring, eating, medication administration, dressing, housekeeping, laundry and care of clothing, the proper care of adaptive devices, household appliances, and electronic devices.

    WCHDC will also work with individuals on approved behavior support plans and will provide RN access to individuals within this program. For each aspect of direct assistance, WCHDC will offer training in each area to foster personal independence which will include personal management of activities that increase social integration based on personal preference of the individual.

    The Personal Support Program will be under the direct authority and supervision of the Agency’s Residential program.