Day Services

Developing Potential Day By Day

HDC day services are tailored to meet the requirements of our day participants, providing individualized training and personal services with an emphasis on community participation. It is our job to discover and develop those aspects of an individual’s life that holds personal value to them and leads them to become a full member of the community.

Operating Schedule FY2024

  • Day Habilitation



    Our Day Habilitation programs provide individualized services with an emphasis on community interaction. This activity-oriented program is available in both Frederick and Washington counties for persons that require assistance and training with activities of daily living, personal care, academic skills and pre-vocational skills training.

  • Supported Employment

    Employment & Career


    HDC’s has a primary goal to match the “right job” to the job seeker in order to establish satisfying, integrated, competitive employment that meets the needs and requirements of the job seeker. Our approach is designed for long-term success and employee satisfaction.

    We embark on a discovery process, gathering valuable information about a person’s interests, skills, and values. A vocational profile is developed by identifying strategies for success, required supports and training, and vocational themes. We then work to identify the needs of local employers and match them to the job seeker’s requirements.

    Once employment is attained, our staff work with the employee and employer to develop strategies for success that will fulfill the requirements of all involved, for a successful, long-term match.


  • Transportation Services



    HDC provides transportation services to individuals in all of our day programs. While community transportation is always encouraged to increase personal independence, there are some individuals that benefit from transports offered directly by our Agency. This includes reliable and safe transports to and from the centers, homes, community activities, and job sites.

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    Community Development


    These services are offered as an alternative to our traditional Day Habilitation programs. By providing an array of community experiences, participants receiving Community Development Services not only benefit from enhanced social and recreational opportunities but will ultimately help improve the individual’s employability through community exposure and the development of vocational interests.

    Community Development Services offers community experiences that include volunteer activities, using public transportation and community resources, enrolling in classes, workshops, and seminars, participating in recreational and social activities, peer counseling, internships, touring local businesses, discussion and activity planning, and health and wellness counseling.

    This is quickly becoming one of our most popular services as participants enjoy the best of their local community while identifying possible vocational interests to be further explored.