Why HDC?

Highest Quality of Life Standards

At HDC we realize the fears that arise when deciding to make a major life change, and do our best to address those concerns so that each person and their family members will be reassured that they are in good hands. Through innovative and individualized programs, we will continue to be a life resource, providing assistance as each person we serve discovers their potential and becomes an active member of the community.

Why HDC?

Transforming Lives Together

One Person At A Time

Providing an atmosphere of acceptance and the freedom to pursue personal goals, the Human Development Council is committed to supporting intellectually and physically disabled individuals grow in all aspects of their life.

We believe in serving people in safe, positive environments that enable individuals to discover their talents and exercise their independence at home, work, and leisure time.

“Everyone has a right to dream, to have a goal. We’re here to help them develop it.”